Friday, October 27, 2017

Triumph - The Unboxing

This will be a picture intensive post.  This is the Triumph from box to assembled.  I’ve included pictures of the Madeira thread kit that was included with my promotional offer. 
This is the box!
This is the literature that comes in the box.  The instruction and reference guide, the handy dandy quick reference thread guide (foldout), something from Koala, something about the Love of Sewing classes, and the registration information - which I had to The Stitchery take care of because the Babylock site is not working well at the moment.  (Thank you, Stephanie!!)
This is the box, once opened, from the top.

These are the accoutrements once removed from the box, (T-B, L-R): the cover/chain stitch sewing table, the extension thread stand, machine cover, power cord, an accessories bag (which contains thread nets, looper threading tool, screwdriver, spool caps with sponge, spools caps, spool pin disks, mounting bolt with washer), the foot control, and the knee lifter.  (I think I've all ready misplaced the machine cover.)
The top of the machine from inside the box.  Can you see the carrying handle?  This machine weighs in at approximately 28 pounds.  This is no lightweight machine.  But it wasn't impossibly heavy either.  What a way to get your weight lifting in, right?!
The Triumph from the front.  Isn't she beautiful?
The Triumph out of the box, dressed and ready to go.  To the right of the machine, under the thread stand is the opened accessory compartment which contains needles, lint brush/needle insert tool (one of my all time favorite sewing tools), Allen screwdriver, tweezers, an extra blade (which you should let a service person replace - not you!), and RevolutionAir Needle Threading Guide.
This is the Madeira thread kit I received as a bonus.  It contains 4 spools of Aerolock Serger thread, 8 spools of Mini King Aeroflock thread, 4 spools, Cotona 4 weight thread, and 4 spools Decora 12 weight thread.
I'm super excited to begin learning how to use this machine.  I actually used this machine while I was taking the Sue Green-Baker 3 Day Serge-a-Thon, so we should all ready be friends.  

What do you do when you have a new machine?  Do you jump right in with a project or do you go step by step through the manual?  I've done samples while in class.  As we joked in the class, "for demonstration purposes."  I'd really like to begin on a project.  Stay tune for that project!

True confessions:  I was in a rush to make a costume and felt more comfortable with the Babylock Imagine, so I pulled her out.  We, Imagine and I, whipped up two Merida costumes from Disney’s Brave in an afternoon, using a basic four thread overlock stitch.

Have you ever done this?  You have a brand-spankin' new machine that has all the bells and whistles (okay, at least more bells and whistles than your current machine) and pull out your trusty ol' machine to do a project?  What have you done?

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